Room for a Pool this Summer?

Room for a Pool this Summer?

With summer around the corner and many of us spending more time at home, perhaps it is time to think about fun additions we can add to the backyard.  When you build a pool, you are creating a fun and relaxing space for your children and family to spend time together without ever leaving the backyard! You will make lasting memories as you teach your kids to swim, play with them in the pool, and barbecue by the water.  Building a swimming pool makes a huge difference to your house and your lifestyle. 

Create An Outdoor Resort At Home
There are a huge range of options, sizes, shapes and finishes for the pool, and that is without even considering the builder or the mechanics of the pool system.  Your first step should be to contact the Swimming Pool and Spa Association ( office either by phone or online. They will be able to provide you with a magazine featuring award-winning pools. Several magazines are available in Newsagents feature pool and garden design so look for these too. These magazines will provide you with inspiration for the build of your pool, and they will also provide you with the names of the builders who built the stunning pools featured. 

Design matters

When it comes to designs, size certainly should not matter. In fact, if your backyard comprises a small courtyard then you have plenty of scope to create a wonderful oasis incorporating a tranquil pool.  The most ideal positioning for your pool is a spot that delivers privacy, catches the sun in autumn or spring, is sheltered from the wind and allows safe supervision of your children. The sun will warm your pool by up to 4° Celsius so think about a north-facing location that gets plenty of sun (4+ hours per day is ideal).   In a small backyard, you can create the illusion of space by positioning the pool along the backyards’ longest span. 

Enjoying a pool is not just about swimming in it. Most pool owners will tell you the time spent gazing at their ‘water view’ is far greater than time spent swimming.   So, whether you have a large or a small backyard, your pool will most likely become the dominant focal point. Creating a connection between home and pool happens when design and placement are given consideration. Integrating interior and exterior spaces through hard landscaping (pathways, terracing, outdoor entertaining areas) and soft landscaping elements such as garden beds will enhance and add value to your property. 

Throw A Party
When hot afternoons and warm summer evenings roll around, a pool is a great way to entertain. Invite your friends and neighbours over for a poolside barbecue or a dip in the water.  Good small backyard designs also consider proximity to your neighbour’s property.

Pool builders and suppliers always like to say, "There's a pool to fit every budget," which is a positive sales pitch, but a sales pitch, nonetheless.  As with any home addition, expect it to cost more than you anticipated or have calculated. Also remember to budget it maintenance.

Pool Installation & Maintenance Costs by Material


$35,000 - $65,000

  • $2,700 - $4,000 annual upkeep
  • Lasts 50 - 100 years
  • Best for custom tile


$20,000 - $60,000

  • $500 - $1,500 annual upkeep
  • Lasts 25+ years
  • Easiest to clean/maintain

Vinyl Lined

$20,000 - $40,000

  • $1,100 - $1,700 annual upkeep
  • Replace liner every 10 years
  • Lowest up-front fees

Vinyl pools are the cheapest option when it comes to fulfilling all your design related and specific size requirements. Also, these pools are constructed with strong frames and are available in different shapes and sizes as per client requirement. These frames are made of different materials like plastic, galvanized steel, wood, and more. They are economical to ship and manufacture as compared to other pool types like concrete and fiberglass.

Concrete pools on the other hand, are considered the most popular, durable, and effective as compared to other pool types. They can withstand different climatic conditions but require a little patience when it comes to installation. Unfortunately, they are more expensive and take more time to set up as compared to vinyl pools.

Fiberglass pools suit well in all conditions and in all soil conditions like moist, rainy, rock, clay etc. These pools can flex and accommodate movement. Also, can be taken care of with ease and can be installed without putting in much of your effort.

A well-designed swimming pool is not just a bunch of water. It can turn your backyard into an elegant outdoor oasis. With waterfalls, vanishing edges and other unique amenities, a pool can serve as a relaxing and inviting centrepiece in your own backyard.  Building a pool is a great investment that will reap rewards for a lifetime.  A pool is easier to finance and maintain than most people think, and in the long run, pools are less expensive than big family vacations and other entertainment options.  Recent studies show that owning a pool increases the value of your home by as much as 15%. Your property becomes more attractive to prospective homebuyers if you have a pool. If it comes time to move, owning a pool may be the difference between selling your home quickly or keeping it on the market.